Don’t Let Diabetes Shortchange Your Golden Years


(NewsUSA) - Dianne Mattiace shows that managing diabetes shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying your retirement, thanks in part to a game changing new technology

After a busy career in healthcare, Dianne has finally retired with her husband in Alabama. However, she has no intention of slowing down. Dianne is looking to live life to its fullest, whether that’s serving on the Board of a local charity, spending time with her grandchildren or swimming in the lake by her house in summer.

Now in her early seventies, Dianne was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes over 30 years ago and spent many years adjusting to the stress of managing her diabetes. At times she felt like she had lost control of her diabetes and her life.

On one occasion, while her husband was traveling for work, Dianne was hospitalized in Florida on the edge of diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially life-threatening complication. “It was quite scary for me and my family. Thankfully I was treated successfully, but adapting to life with diabetes was proving very difficult for me. It was taking a significant toll on my physical and mental health”, Dianne reflects.  

It was during one of these tough periods where Dianne’s endocrinologist suggested that she try something completely new. Like many people living with diabetes, Dianne was using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), but found traditional models to be uncomfortable, cumbersome and restrictive. Ultimately, they had presented challenges for her active life. That’s when Dianne became the first ever person to be prescribed an Eversense CGM in 2018.

" "Dianne had never heard of Eversense, until her endocrinologist introduced it as a unique CGM option that could perfectly suit her lifestyle. Currently on her 24th Eversense system, she has never looked back.  

Eversense is the world’s first and only fully implantable and long-term CGM. The latest version, Eversense E3 lasts an astonishing 180 days, compared to just 7-14 days for other available CGMs. “It’s such a relief not to worry about constantly replacing sensors, booking doctor’s appointments and carrying endless supplies,” Dianne says.

A sensor is inserted under the skin in the upper arm by a trained health care provider, and then one is free to go for a whole six months. With only two replacements needed a year, a removable smart transmitter1 is worn over the sensor and seamlessly sends glucose readings directly to a smartphone.

Although Dianne did not consider herself tech-savvy, she quickly adapted to life with Eversense and immediately saw the benefits. The user-friendly app has helped simplify her decision making and she feels as though she can trust her CGM’s glucose readings due to Eversense’s exceptional accuracy.

“If I had to pick one feature that I love the most, it would be the subtle on-body vibratory alerts,” Dianne added. “Eversense discretely lets me know if my glucose levels need attention, without attracting the attention of others. It’s perfect for when I’m at church or catching a movie, when I don’t want a phone making a lot of noise. It also means I can be away from my phone from time to time and live in the moment.”

All in all, Eversense has allowed Dianne to enjoy her retirement without spending every moment worrying about her diabetes. “I don’t let diabetes control me,” she says, “It’s never too late to embrace something new and change your habits, especially when it comes to diabetes care.”

The Eversense E3 CGM, brought to people by Ascensia Diabetes Care, has been called the “CGM for real life” and Dianne couldn’t agree more. The ability to remove and replace the Eversense transmitter[1] means that Dianne no longer worries about taking a swim in the lake or knocking off her CGM when playing with her grandchildren.

Dianne’s liberating experience with the Eversense E3 is becoming an often-repeated story, as more users discover the ease, convenience and freedom of the Eversense E3. People with diabetes, regardless of age, can appreciate all of the benefits that this unique product can offer, Dianne says.

The Eversense E3 has recently received expanded Medicare coverage, making it even more accessible for many people living with diabetes across the US.

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[1] There is no glucose data generated when the Eversense E3 transmitter is removed. For an overview of Eversense CGM safety information, please visit Please visit for limitations, restrictions, references and copyright information.