A Turning Point in High Blood Pressure Management: Introducing The Symplicity Blood Pressure Procedure


(NewsUSA) - High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a growing epidemic that affects half of all Americans. High blood pressure can harm vital organs like your heart, brain, kidneys and eyes without any warning signs. If left untreated, it can also lead to serious issues like chest pain, heart attacks and heart failure, and it raises the risk of stroke and chronic kidney disease. For a long time, the only way to treat high blood pressure was through lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise, or by taking medications. Today, there is another approach to be considered in addition to lifestyle modifications and medications. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved a minimally invasive, device-based procedure that offers new hope to the millions of people whose blood pressure has not been managed with medication or lifestyle changes alone. The Medtronic Symplicity™ blood pressure procedure is proven to achieve significant, safe and sustained blood pressure reductions, ushering in a new era for the treatment of high blood pressure in eligible patients.

Many people with high blood pressure have already experienced positive results from the Symplicity blood pressure procedure, including Paul Griffin from Atlanta. Paul’s hypertension began in his 40s and spanned about 30 years – and for a long time, Paul struggled to manage his high blood pressure. Despite being prescribed various medications, his blood pressure remained uncontrolled, leading to a frustrating pattern of increasing medication doses and unpleasant side effects like tiredness and headaches. For Paul, this impacted every aspect of his life, from singing with his quartet to spending quality time with his family. The constant worry about his blood pressure and general health also significantly impacted Paul’s wife Penny, who helped him keep track of his medications and daily blood pressure readings. He needed to break the cycle, and the Symplicity blood pressure procedure offered him new hope. 

Navigating Treatment and Understanding Renal Denervation 

MedtronicHigh blood pressure can be a significant, daily struggle - and for many patients, the issue can go completely unnoticed. Desperate for a solution, Paul searched for alternative treatment options and became his own biggest advocate in finding a path forward. It wasn’t until he came upon a trial advertisement for the renal denervation procedure that he felt a sense of hope. After doing some research, he brought the trial up with his doctor and asked if he would be an eligible candidate. The renal denervation procedure – also known as the Symplicity blood pressure procedure - offered Paul another alternative with the potential to safely and effectively manage his high blood pressure, and the results made a significant impact on his quality of life. While Paul’s experience may not be the same for everyone, he experienced a drop in blood pressure for the first time in years, the reduction of some of his high blood pressure medications and revitalized hope for the future of his blood pressure management.*

The minimally invasive Symplicity blood pressure procedure involves a physician inserting a thin tube into an artery in the leg and using energy to calm overactive nerves surrounding the kidneys, which can contribute to high blood pressure. The tube is then removed, leaving no implant behind. The procedure works by complementing medications and lifestyle changes, so patients can continue managing their blood pressure.  

A New Era in High Blood Pressure Solutions  

The approval of the Medtronic Symplicity blood pressure procedure signifies a crucial step forward in the global battle against high blood pressure. Paul Griffin's success story highlights the real-world impact of this breakthrough technology, offering a possible turning point for millions of Americans who struggle to manage their blood pressure numbers.  

If you or a loved one is experiencing high blood pressure, consult your doctor to explore the potential benefits of this revolutionary procedure, or visit beyondHBP.com to learn more.


*Individual Patient results vary.